As a dazzling capital of China, Beijing housed a lot of landscapes to offer. Among these numerous landscapes, the most dazzling one historical site is Beijing Forbidden City Tour

which is a luxurious symbol of Beijing and Chinese ancient imperial times. Every day, there will be thousands of tourists coming to this land to feel unique Chinese traditional cultural connotation and its mysterious history value. To be honest, you could get a little culture from its name-Forbidden City. In the Chinese traditional times, there existed a kind of culture that the common people are forbidden to enter without the permission of emperor. So this name formed.

Forbidden City

With a large square area and numerous small palaces, this ''city'' would bring you some cool feelings and grave atmosphere. Complex building architecture, skillful construction style and well-designed palaces formed a kind of unique imperial luxurious living fairy land. Walking along this street inside and appreciate each palace, you would feel that you have gone to the ancient times, finding a real feeling of crown. However, if you want to have an excellent Beijing Forbidden City tour, three golden attentions you should follow.

First, taking enough preparations; before you departure, you should bring some enough preparations with you, such as the umbrella, water and some delicious snacks. Because in the destination, the food and water sold are more expensive than the outside. In order to save money and time, prepare in advance is an ideal choice.

Second, choosing a good time; with the highest prestige, this fairy land will receive about millions of people one day. At this time, choosing a wonderful appreciating time is very god. It is better to avoid the busy holiday time and season. Because in the holiday time, all the tourists will swam into this land forming a very crowded phenomenon, tired and boring will destroy your wonderful mood. If you choose a bad season, such as the coldest weather or the hottest season, your tour will also be destroyed.

Third, rent an Electronic Guide; after you entered into this land, it is better to rent an Electronic Guide. Because his kind of explanation service would lead you to the real history with detail explanation, you would only spend 10yuan. Under this guide, no matter wherever you went, you would get the same explanation first.

Under these golden three attentions, you will have an unbeatable terrific Beijing Forbidden City tour.

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